Anise in the garden, growing and harvesting

Growing Anise:

Select a sunny, sheltered spot with fertile soil. I have had some success growing in pots, but the other is preferable.

Sow indoors in mid spring and plant out in late spring one foot apart.

Keep free from weeds and water frequently. Protect against winds.

Anise usually flowers in midsummer.

Harvesting Anise:

When the flowers have faded, the seed heads will turn grayish brown in the fall.

They usually only ripen in warm summers.

Growing Anise Take the seed heads off and put them into a brown paper bag. (the brown paper bag part, is important).

They should burst open and then you can store them in an airtight jar out of direct light.

Use some of the seeds to sow for a crop next year.

Enjoy and look up some new recipes to try.